Work at the Argyle International Airport (AIA) has started winding down in some areas with finishing touches being applied, while in other areas final construction work continues.

Since construction started in August 2008, Vincentians have waited in anticipation of the completion of this project and after several missed dates, that completion is on the horizon, as we look toward the commencement of operation of the Airport in 2016.

The International Airport Development Company (IADC) in its newsletter for the first quarter of 2016 said that over the next few months, a number of tests would be carried out at the Argyle International Airport. Some of these tests were successfully completed during the week of Thursday, November 19th, 2015, as part of the certification process for the new airport.

The passenger terminal building which was handed over to the IADC since the end of November 2013 is in the final stages of being retrofitted for operation.

According to the Newsletter, shops are currently being built, and the AIA Interpretation Center is being set up along with the preparation of the third floor of to house two (2) VIP and two (2) CIP lounges each.

The Commercial apron has been extended to now accommodate three rather than two wide bodied jets and a staircase has been brought to facilitate any aircraft that might be using that space whilst the jet bridges are in use.

As a result of the extended apron, the Alpha Taxiway has also been extended and work on that is nearing completion. A small volume of work is yet to be done on the Cargo Apron.

The IADC is targeting mid 2016 for operations and indications are, all things being equal, that it can be achieved

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