World Pediatric Projet Online Logo Competition

World Pediatric Project Caribbean, formerly World Pediatric Project St Vincent and the Grenadines (WPPSVG) will, on April 1, launch a six-week campaign within the region, where a new logo would be selected through social media.

The region’s WPP Chief Development Officer Simon Carey says that the social media launch and logo competition is the organization’s way of embracing the families of the region into the “movement’ that has been picking up momentum in the recent months, and that using the social media platform a means of reaching out to the region to select the new emblem is “cool and innovative.”

“As the World Pediatric Project grows, we want to build awareness within the rest of the region, if we intend to reach as many families as possible out there, and if we can attract the partners who can work with us to bring free health care for these families in need.

“Using Social Media to select our Caribbean logo brings us up close and personal with our followers and ‘likers,’ and they would have a say in the direction we take with regards to that,” Carey pointed out.

“The logo competition is open to everyone who can draw or doodle. You just design the logo within the confines of the WPP Dove and Cross, like our Facebook page (world Pediatric Project Caribbean), and post your design there, then we will also place on our Instagram (wppcaribbean) and Twitter (@wppcaribbean).

“You then get your friends and families to like our pages and like your design, and the design with the most likes wins.”

Carey further stated that the winner of the logo competition at the end of the six weeks wins a US $500 cash prize.

The World Pediatric Project was introduced in 2002, when doctors traveled to St Vincent and the Grenadines upon the invitation of the Rotary Club South, and performed assessments and surgeries on young Vincentian children.

The program has grown in leaps and bounds since then, with medical professionals returning about ten times per year to provide free health care to local children, and to those from the OECS, Barbados and Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana, in the fields of orthopedics, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, cardio, speech, urology, and general surgery.

Surgeries are performed at the Milton Cato Hospital in Kingstown, St Vincent, and when necessary, the young patients are flown to Richmond, Virginia or St Louis, Missouri for further treatment and rehabilitation.

Carey is encouraging all persons to get involved in the logo campaign, by entering a design of their own or encouraging others to take part in the competition.

Here in St Vincent the WPP would engage in a series of road shows, to promote the competition.

“With these changes, we are giving the region and the world the opportunity to see what started out as a one-off exercise, and is now bringing relief to families across the region.

“I’m strongly advising that as long as you are a parent, and aunt or uncle or a good friend, that you should get involved with the World Pediatric Project or Dove Club in your area, since you never know when you may need that assistance that we have available for you,” Carey said.

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