VINSA Cave Hill 2016-2017 Executive

VINSA Cave Hill has been struggling for a while to garner the full participation in planned events of it general membership. Some students are concerned as to whether the past executives has had the best interest of all Vincentian students at heart or whether their position on the executive was to create impressive resumes.
Last evening March 24th Vincentian students elected Odion Hillocks as President and Maurice Horne Jr as Vice President. During the debates on Monday 21st March, these two young men outlined a plan that seemed more in sync with the vision of “service before self”.
Hillocks presentation was succinct but touched on forging closer relationships with corporate sponsors and creating more fundraisers in SVG that will benefit the VINSA student population. He saw the need to improve communication about orientation with new students and anticipates the help from the local media to get the word across.
Horne in his speech expounded on how he will make the process of matriculating to UWI Cave Hill a smoother one for new students. He outlined how he will assist students during the summer to access disadvantage student loans and apply to the government for assistance with economic cost as well as accessing scholarships and bursaries available at UWI.
They further beckoned students to be the change they will like to see by volunteering to be committee members, thereby learning more about the association and helping to make VINSA the best association on campus. Among a list of good ideas Horne wishes to promote greater awareness and recognition of VINSA students who excel academically, professionally and extra-curricular. He also want to rally VINSA alumni to offer support and give back to VINSA.
With full participation from members, assistance from VINSA alumni, media, corporate sponsors and locals, the new executive can make the steps towards make the University experience at UWI Cave Hill a great and unforgettable one.
It would appear that this dynamic duo is set to create a better experience for VINSA 2016/2017 and onwards

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