Argyle Airport Fire Fighters Receives Specialist Training

Plans for the anticipated opening of the Argyle International Airport went a step further Tuesday with the commencement of a training session for the firefighters who will be attached to the airport.

The two-week Fire-fighter One Training Course will be facilitated by Mr. Walter Cook of Cincinnati Ohio.

Speaking at the opening ceremony for the training session, held this morning at the Old Montrose Police Station, Communications Officer at the International Airport Development Company (IADC) Jennifer Richardson-Herbert said the cadre of firefighters will receive specialized training geared towards airport firefighting.

She said the role of aircraft rescue and firefighters is crucial to the operation of an airport, and implored the officers to take the training seriously.

Mrs. Richardson-Herbert also reassured the firefighters who will be stationed at the Argyle International Airport upon its opening, that a comfortable Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting station is being prepared for them.

Members of the fire service headed by Superintendent Isaiah Browne, on November 3rd, 2014, took charge of three spanking new fire trucks destined for the Argyle International Airport. The trucks have the capacity to carry 3-thousand gallons of water and 420 gallons of foam.


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