LUTA Urges Region To Stand with Each Other

Randy Luta McIntosh is encouraging persons in the region to stand with each other.He was at the time speaking at the handing over ceremony of a $100,000 donation in aid of Dominica relief effort.

“I believe that through the region we must all stand with each other,” he noted. “Sometimes the politicians don’t unite us as much as they really should, but we as Caribbean people must always strive to reach out to our neighbours in whatsoever little way we can.

This morning I am here to say, Dominica we are here with you and any support that you need please reach out to us. We can help in whatever way we can.”

McIntosh revealed that he was contacted by the Minister or Foreign Affairs of St Vincent to host the concert during a tour in Haiti.

“I can clearly remember that on August 27, 2015. I was somewhere on tour in Haiti and social media started blowing up, so I was wondering what was going on with Dominica…I started calling people asking what is going on, and when the pictures started coming in I realized the magnitude of what was happening. At that point I could have related to it because in 2013 we had our own incident in St Vincent,” he explained.

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