New Era For Bequia Regatta 2016

Vincentians and foreigners alike can look forward to another exciting series of racing events, as the Bequia Easter Regatta sails off in less than two months time.

So says the new man at the helm of the Bequia Sailing Club, Commodore Elrick “Allo” Ragguette, whose organization is responsible for the sea-side activities during the March 25-28 regatta this year, on the Grenadine island of Bequia.

“There will definitely be sailing as part of the Bequia Easter Regatta; there’s no doubt about that.

“A lot of skippers, sailors and boat owners have expressed interest in the races and they are eager and excited for the time to come around. In fact we may well have a hike in boats this year, as compared to the last couple years,” Allo indicated.

Allo, who was elected Commodore last November, described sailing in the Bequia Easter Regatta as the “Granddaddy of sailing events in the Southern Caribbean,” and hailed the regatta itself as “the biggest tourism product,” outside of Vincy Mas, in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

 The confident and enthusiastic leader is backed by a small but just as exuberant committee, which includes Vice-Commodore Leticia “Letty” Browne, Richard Ashton, Secretary, Public Relations Officer Raison Compton, and Treasurer Joe Gabriel.

Browne highlighted what persons coming to Bequia can expect from the sailing aspect of the regatta.

“Final registration takes place on March 24, with the briefing of skippers to take place on the same day. On the 25th we have the start of the Mount Gay Friendship Bay races and the swimming races at Plantation House.

“On the 26th there’s the J24 and the ‘Around Bequia’ races. Sunday we will see the start of the Hairoun single-handed Around Bequia races along with Lay Day activities like the sandcastle competition and the all day beach splash. On Monday 28th we have the start of the J24 and surprise races and the start of the Admiralty Bay Triangle race, among other event.”

The Sailing Club members indicated that they would be working closely with the On-Shore Committee, to ensure that the 2016 installment of the Bequia Easter Regatta is one that would be remembered as one of the best in recent times, with On-shore activities scheduled to take place including a church service, maypole dancing, greasy pig competition, as well as other events, under the almond tree.

“This is a new era for the Bequia Easter Regatta, and we intend to give of our best to ensure that everyone is happy at the end of it all.

“This year’s regatta is going to put us in the position to have an even greater event in 2017 and in the years to come,” Allo noted.

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