Female Prisoners Housed At Kingstown Due To Conditions At Fort Charlotte

Prison authorities here are taking steps to ensure that those who are incarcerated at prison facilities across the country are rehabilitated and prepared to function in the society when they are released.

The country’s prison population now stands at 431 inmates.Superintendent of Prisons acting Brenton Charles says of the 431 inmates 203 are being housed at the Belle Isle prison facility.

He said 221 males are at Kingstown and 7 females in custody at Her Majesty’s Prison in Kingstown as well.

Charles says that a special provision was made for the females to be housed in Kingstown due to conditions at the Fort Charlotte facility.

He says the youngest Prisoner is a 12 year old female and the youngest male 16 years old, with other prisoners in there sixties, and seventies in lock up.

Charles said at the moment only 1 prisoner is on death row, he said they have been trying their best to institute programs to help rehabilitate prisoners to transition easier back into society.

Programs include, CCSL second chance programme offered by CXC, welding along with clothing and textile.

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