Anndrea Caruth strangled and bashed in the skull new information reveals

article-missing-0107A pregnant woman’s last desperate minutes were spent fighting for breath as her dad tightened a rope around her throat, officials said.

New details emerged Thursday in the horrific slaying of mom-to-be Anndrea Caruth as her father stared blankly in a Bronx courtroom. He was ordered held without bail on murder and manslaughter charges.

Accused killer William Caruth, 61, had bite marks over both hands and a cut on the bridge of his nose when taken into custody, according to cops and neighbors.

Anndrea had a rope wrapped around her throat and torso when she was found early Wednesday stuffed inside a crawlspace beneath a closet in the Bronx home she shared with her dad.

William apparently lived in his basement apartment for two full days near the hidden corpse until his arrest. Neighbors described the murder suspect as a strange, unpleasant presence in the neighborhood.

missing8n-1-webIt was unclear if William joined in the search for his daughter after Anndrea’s boyfriend called police Monday to report her missing.

But he remained inside his soundproofed basement apartment in his daughter’s home after her disappearance. Authorities said Anndrea was strangled, bashed in the skull and stuffed inside the cramped hiding spot beneath a closet.

The soundproofing, installed to block the noise from Anndrea’s upstairs day care center, could have stopped neighbors from hearing her screams.Her battered body was not discovered until cops, with a warrant and two cadaver dogs, found the dead woman’s remains partially buried in gravel beneath the house, officials said.

Sources say that a family feud over money drove the enraged father to homicide.Anndrea, 39, a favorite of her Bronx neighbors, was due to find out the gender of her unborn child Thursday.

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