We have noted the widespread reports about the fire at the Public Works building at Arnos Vale, and the lame attempt by this illegal Prime Minister to ascribe political motives. But importantly, he himself announced that police investigations are on-going.
Therefore, any responsible leader will allow for the police to complete their investigations before making any assertions, in an attempt to fan partisan political flames. We are getting increasingly wary that the comments of the Prime Minister on this matter, as well as his high-handed approach to peaceful demonstrators could be a deliberate ploy to increase tensions in the country and orchestrate the deterioration of the security situation so that he can call a state of emergency to extend his illegal rule.
If it turns out that the fire was deliberately set, we will condemn it, as we now condemn this illegal Prime Minister’s irresponsibility in this matter. But it must be noted that this fire is the latest of a series of unexplained fires at government buildings. We recall in recent times there was the suspicious burning of census documents at the Financial Complex. There was a fire at the old electoral offices and then another at the old treasury office.
Then there was the suspicious government-approved burning of 1,300 passports. Up to this day we have not heard anything from the government about the cause of these fires. The question must be asked – who benefits from a fire at the Public Works building? Who will want to destroy any documentary evidence of bribery as related to the last general election?
Therefore, we do not think Gonsalves’ views on this latest fire have any weight in this matter because he has lost legitimacy at home, and has reduced St Vincent and the Grenadines to being a laughing stock abroad. We noted that at his press conference today he also claimed opposition sympathizers spray painted the office of the electoral office two nights ago, But he failed to explain how that was possible, since he has installed armed guards there on a 24 hour vigil.
Is this, another attempt at a government set-up? Without providing any single evidence Ralph Gonsalves also accused Vincentians living in the United States of terrorism, and is seeking to put American authorities on his own people. What all of this highlights, is what we have always known – that this man will do and say anything to remain in power.
But we want to use this opportunity put Gonsalves on notice that we will stand resolutely against any attempts to seek to use any developments to harass and intimidate any of our people under the guise of law and order. Our party is the one with the history of upholding law and order in this country, Our party is the one with the history of allowing the will of the people to be reflected.
And we are confident that our party will be the one that will ultimately restore the good name of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

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