Vincentian Charged With Murder In The Bronx

missing (2)A menacing Bronx man, due to welcome his grandchild this May, instead battered and buried his pregnant daughter in a fatal fight over money, sources told the Daily News.
William Caruth, 61, was charged with murder after the body of the 39-year-old mom-to-be was found stuffed inside a crawlspace adjacent to the basement apartment where he lived, police said.
Neighbors recalled how deliriously happy Anndrea Caruth was in the months before she was strangled and smashed in the head, suffering skull fractures and brain injuries in the house that she shared with her dad.
Caruth was due at her doctor Thursday to find out if she was carrying a boy or a girl, said neighbor Cynthia Cresvo.
The victim’s body, partially buried in gravel, was found by a cadaver-sniffing dog inside the Baychester home about 3 a.m. on Wednesday, police said.
Her father, after killing Anndrea, busted up a concrete floor inside a closet and dumped her body into the crawlspace, cops said. He then placed a piece of plywood and a rug over the hole — but his coverup efforts failed to stop the odor of death wafting into the house.
A machete and a hammer were recovered from the home, and two additional buckets of gravel were found outside the residence on Corsa Ave.
William Caruth, who was visited by police on five occasions for domestic incidents between 2001 and 2013, was also charged with manslaughter after cops uncovered his daughter’s remains. She was five months pregnant.
There was a dispute between the father and daughter over a second mortgage taken out on the home by Anndrea Caruth, with the dad apparently giving the cash to someone else, one source said.
missing (1)
Records indicate the slain daughter, four years after taking out a mortgage on the property, took out a larger $280,000 mortgage in 2006. She was last seen Sunday morning.
The accused killer said nothing late Wednesday as he was led by cops from the 47th Precinct stationhouse. Onlookers hollered, “Murderer! Murderer!” And they asked why he killed his daughter.
Anndrea Caruth ran the popular Kiddie College day care out of her home and was well-regarded by her Bronx neighbors.
Original Publication NYDN.

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