Douglas DeFreitas Adamant That The Election Was Unfair

Proprietor of Nice Radio Douglas Defreitas in an interview with HTS St Lucia said that two of the seats the NDP retained the night of elections was almost lost due to fraud.

He said on election night results showed the NDP winning those two seats by only 7 and 18 votes, seats which are popular with the NDP, Defreitas said.

Following recount he said that the seat which was won by 7 according to results was actually won by nearly 200 votes and the other by an extra 100 votes.

Douglas told the St Lucian Radio that there was attempt to steal, but it was not big enough to for the ULP to secure those seats.

Defreitas said that he encouraged supporters of the NDP to demonstrate in front of the Governor General residence so that Gonsalves would not be sworn in, Gonsalves along with Deputy Prime Minister Louis Starker and the Attorney General was sworn in later that evening.

Defreitas said it is the people’s right to demonstrate, and because of his popularity the people came out in their hundreds.

Defreitas was held in Police Custody for 18 hours without charge, defreitas adamant that the elections were stolen according to the report from HTS.

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