1933688_10207400696869423_3697162853811575884_oPrime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has assured the Vincentian public that his Unity Labour Party (ULP) government will not be troubled by the protest action by supporters of the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP).

He made the comment on Tuesday 29th December 2015 at the ceremonial opening of the first session of the tenth Parliament where Members of Parliament were officially sworn in.

The protest action by supporters of the NDP has been ongoing following the December 9th, general election which the ULP won with 8 seats with the other 7 seats going to the NDP.

12401688_10153493816806032_2815966736710715410_oOn Monday 28th December 2015 the court refused an application by the New Democratic Party to access certain electoral documents in relation to the December 9th general elections.

Gonsalves on Tuesdays Opening of parliament told reporters, that the refusal of the court to accept Ben Exeter application, was quote “A magnificent Judgement”.

On Tuesday 29th December 2015 Exeter along with an NDP young democrat was arrested, it was later learned that exciter was arrested and charged for “RESISTING ARREST AND ASSAULTING A POLICE OFFICER”

On Wednesday 30th December 2015 Exeter appeared in court and  was charged with three counts of assault on Police Officers, the prosecution also brought forward the resisting arrest charges.

1915881_976219532433413_4976871567168662434_nAlong with Exeter a young democrat Shabbaz George was also charged for obstructing a police officer and using what is described as zapper laser type equipment.

Exeter and George pleaded not guilty; the case was put off until January 25th 2016.

Leader of the Party Arnhim Eustace says that the party is unrepentant, and will toil in the vineyard as long as possible to obtain justice, noting that the will of the people had been denied.

The Commonwealth in a report dated 12 December 2015 said , “we have heard allegations of serious irregularities from one political party, We call upon those making these claims to file formal complaints as prescribed in the electoral laws, and for the relevant institutions to investigate and pronounce on these allegations,”.

10633435_10207400698669468_3409199698645650407_oGonsalves on Tuesday 29th December quoted poet John Keits to describe the NDP protest action saying, “heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter”.

The unheard melodies which are sweet are the 34000 that voted for the ULP and gave us a majority, a convincing majority Gonsalves said, in the secrecy of the ballot their melodies are unheard, but they are sweeter he said, and made manifest in today’s opening of parliament.

Those who have lost must accept their defeat starting with the person who said he was not going to be sworn in, but yesterday ask the Governor General to make him leader of the Opposition.

Eustace earlier this month said the members of the party who won their seats would not be sworn in, as to do so would be conceding to defeat.

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