Mother loses arm after shark attack in the Bahamas

Tiffany Johnson, pictured with her husband James Johnson, lost part of her arm to a shark in the Bahamas. (WSOC)

A North Carolina woman lost her arm but escaped with her life after a shark attack in the Bahamas.

Tiffany Johnson and her husband James were on vacation June 2 and snorkelling near a reef when she thought she bumped into something but turned to see a predator, believed to be a tiger shark, clamped onto her.

“He had my whole arm in his mouth and he was just floating there staring at me,” the 32-year-old mother of three told WSOC.

She said that the shark held on to her for a few minutes before completely severing part of her limb, but that she survived after being given “supernatural God-given strength” and her husband jumped into the water to help.

The Johnsons are now back at their home in Concord, outside Charlotte, but almost faced a horrific deal getting out of the Bahamas, in addition to the trauma of being attacked by a shark.

The couple told WSOC that a Medevac flight back to a hospital in North Carolina would cost $16,000, but that the Medevac company offered to pay the expense.

Tiffany Johnson will have another surgery later this week as she continues her recovery from the last leg of her Caribbean cruise gone wrong.   NY DAILY NEWS