Names released for 2017 Atlantic hurricane season

The hurricane season for our region which covers the North Atlantic, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico starts tomorrow, Thursday 01 June 2017.

So far, this year we have had one off-season, short-lived tropical storm, Arlene, which developed over the subtropical Atlantic Ocean on the twentieth of April.

Predictions from the major hurricane season forecasting centres vary from slightly below normal to slightly above normal tropical cyclone activity in our region this year.

  • The Colorado State University team in their April 2017 forecast anticipate that there will be eleven (11) named storms, of which four (4) will develop into hurricanes with two (2) attaining major hurricane status.
  • The NOAA Climate Prediction Center scientists on 25 May 2017 predicted a forty-five (45) percent probability of above normal cyclone activity this year. They are expecting the formation of eleven (11) to seventeen (17) named storms of which five (5) to nine (9) will become hurricanes including two (2) to four (4) major hurricanes.

The hurricane season ends on 30 November 2017.