Bravo sidelined unless tweet goes, says Cameron

Cricket West Indies president, Dave Cameron, has made it clear that left-hander Darren Bravo will remain sidelined from selection until he removes the offensive tweet which resulted in his sending home ahead of the Tri-Nations Series in Zimbabwe last November.

Speaking in a candid interview with Massy Insurances Line and Length Network, Cameron said the tweet – labelling him ‘a big idiot’ – was the kind of behaviour CWI was not prepared to accept, noting that Bravo needed to face up to this reality.

“Let me make it very clear: what Darren Bravo has to do first and foremost is take down the tweet. Every day that tweet stays up, it is an infraction,” Cameron reiterated.

“Secondly he needs to accept that he’s done something wrong and then we can move forward from there.”

He added: “But we’ve decided as an organisation – it came up at the board meeting – [that] we’ll put it to the disciplinary committee, let them have a look at it and determine if there is further action to be taken and how that will go. We’ll move it from there.”

Controversy erupted last November after CWI announced the 28-year-old Bravo had declined a central contract for the period up to September 30, 2017.

It emerged subsequently that Bravo, one of the most experienced members of the Test squad, had rejected the offer of a Grade C contract, a downgrade from his previous contract.   CARIBBEAN NEWS SERVICE


  1. It is very interesting that nowhere in the article above was there even an inkling , regarding what transpired , and caused him to
    make an offensive remark to Cameron .

    The fact is that Bravo’s Tweet did not come out of the blue . If it
    did , then One would expect that Bravo would have been in a Mad House in T & T . I also have no doubt that if that had occurred the
    Media in the Region would have reported that .

    The stark Truth is that Bravo’s unfortunate Tweet was prompted by
    Cameron Publicly stating that Bravo had an A- Level Contract , which in fact was not true . Now in my opinion , Cameron had and has responsibility in his capacity as the President of the WICBC
    to ascertain what Level Contract Bravo had before making his statement .

    Obviously Cameron did not do that , and that apparently prompted
    Bravo to utter an offensive remark . I cite this to illustrate that
    Bravo’s remark was prompted by the fact that Cameron it seems , was ignorant
    regarding what Level Contract Bravo had .

    But as usual Most people in the Media worship the WICBC , to them
    the WICB is actually Omnipotent . Perhaps this is the reason why
    this Article , omitted the fact that it was the utterance of Cameron that prompted Bravo’s remark .

    Frankly both Cameron & Bravo need to apologise to each other . Asking only Bravo to apologise & remove his Tweet , while absolving
    Cameron for making an erroneously statement . Interestingly the WICB has a Disciplinary Committee , but this was bypassed . Generally Persons are accorded Due Process , which allows Persons
    to state their Case . I am of the opinion that the WICB ,and its President Cameron , did not accord Due Process in this matter to Bravo .

  2. I invite All to google , the India News , newspaper for January 30th
    2017 . Read in detail ” A TIMELINE OF THE BCCI & LODHA COMMITTEE “.
    If you scroll down to January 2, 2017 , You will see that the
    Supreme Court of India removed the President & Secretary of the BCCI from their Offices .

    Interestingly the Structure of the BCCI & the WICBC are very similar . The BCCI claimed that it was a Private Entity , but that
    did not prevent the Supreme Court of India taking decisive action .
    One of the things that the Supreme Court of India cited was the
    LACK OF TRANSPARENCY BY THE BCCI . It seems to me that this has a very familiar ring .

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