ECTEL Number Portability agenda on the table once again

Stakeholders and partners involved in the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority’s (ECTEL’s) number portability initiative, will come together for two days in Saint Lucia this week.

The two-day meeting will further advance number portability plans in ECTEL Member States and will be
convened at Bay Gardens, Begonia Conference Room on March 8 and 9.

The meeting, the first for the year, will bring together members of the Number Portability Industry Working Group, including service providers. It will address the current status of the project and also includes face to face interaction with individual service providers.

ECTEL’s Director of Technical Services, Andrew Millet, says the expected outcome of this week’s engagement is a detailed project work plan and commitment from providers that will ensure the project
becomes a reality in all Member States, during the calendar year.

Number Portability (NP) enables telephone users to retain their telephone number when changing from onenetwork operator to another. It is considered to be a key factor in enhancing competition in a multi-operator environment.

Some of its benefits include: elimination of the cost of businesses and residential customers of number change and the tedious process of informing others of this change; lowering of the cost of switching service providers; more efficient allocation of limited numbering resources and a more level competitive environment, with lowered barriers to entry for new service providers.