1,154 robberies reported in Trinidad

Police are reporting that for the period January 1st to June 14th, 2017, there have been 1,154 reported cases of robberies compared to 1,255 for the corresponding period 2016, which represents an eight percent reduction.

Out of the total robberies committed, 370 were committed with the firearm being the weapon of choice, which represents 32 percent, 56 were committed using knives and cutlasses, which represents 4.8per cent, and 51 were committed using physical force, which represents 4.4per cent.

In a total of 643 or 55.7 percent of all the robberies committed, the victims were unable to say whether the assailants were armed.

Despite the reduction, robbery remains a major concern to the police, who have offered the following advice to citizens.  TRINIDAD EXPRESS

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