Neglected in Paradise, “Who feels it knows it”, the unfortunate update

Exposed coffins at cemetery: all photos Christopher Julian Grant

One may argue that indeed “who feels it knows it” However, in paradise, it seems as if “who feels it” most often than not believes that he or she deserves it.  We, who continue to feel it, need not continue to wallow in self-pity believing that it is ok to be treated anyhow by our representatives.

I wrote a few months ago about the plight that many Vincentians north of the Rabacca Dry River face.

This is in relation to the physical environment that has been allowed to remain the same little over 6 months after torrential rains caused severe damage to many of the areas leaving many parts of the main road nearly impassable, buildings and homes destroyed and debris strewn all over the affected communities.

In the past few weeks, I had the opportunity of visiting these communities and interestingly enough, as part of tours with overseas family members and friends. The looks on all of their faces said it all.

My most recent visit was on Saturday, June 03, 2017 and the pictures taken all show the present situation. Can you imagine that after all of these months that in addition to there not being any repair work, that a coffin is still out of the ground and the cemetery is the same as it was when the floods happened? How morbid!

Does Mr Montgomery Daniel, the area representative and resident have a heart?  What is going to happen when the island begins to experience very strong weather patterns as a result of the Hurricane season which started on June 1, 2017?

It is without a doubt that one of the most heart-wrenching and shocking things to see this apparent neglect that is shown to the direct descendants of the indigenous people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

One may fairly argue that they represent some of the poorest in the country. It is evident for these said communities North of the Dry River already lacks so much. Haven’t they suffered enough?

Mr Montgomery Daniel, the issue must be rectified with immediate effect. “Prevention is better than a cure” Please do not allow my fellow Vincentians to continue to suffer. “Who feels it definitely knows it” but they don’t deserve it!

Christopher Julian Grant



  1. My goodness, this is horrible! I could not resist making a comment simply because I have loved ones who have past away and while they may not be bury in that particular place it’s horrific!!…….so yes…who feels it knows it. I am not sure how this problem must be rectified but it has to be and should be taken care of right away!

  2. This is absolutely appalling. We need to do better as Caribbean people to honour and support especially those who have been neglected for so long. Thank you for bringing light to this issue Chris and keep up the good work. Sincerely – Your Trini Bredren!

  3. Veridical

    I get the impression , that some people are of the opinion that this unfortunate Tragedy was as a result of something that the Government did that caused this Disaster .

    WE are witnessing the effects of Global Warming , which spawns Tropical Storms & Hurricanes , and as a result land slippage . SVG is a small State , that suffers from various
    Weather conditions , Hurricanes ; Storms , and heavy Rainfall .

    It should be obvious to all , that this Disaster happened because of the Forces of Nature . SVG due to its size , and
    Economical & Financial Resources , like other Countries in the Region , are saddled with many problems ; and limited Resources to deal with Disasters while also dealing with other pressing problems .

    I get the impression , that could be wrong , that this Article
    was penned by a person who is disgruntled with the current Government . Government I would readily agree , needs to help when such things happen . However to blame whichever
    Party forms the Government for Natural Disasters that occur or likely to occur is Wrong .

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