An open letter to Camillo Gonsalves

Hon Camilo Gonsalves

Concerned Residents Of East St.George

P.O Box 1704


St.Vincent and the Grenadines


Honourable Camillo Gonsalves

Parliamentary Representative

East St. George

St.Vincent and the Grenadines


An open letter of grave concern and collective appeal requesting your administration to immediately cease sand mining activities at Brighton Beach.

Dear Sir,

Warm greetings from the people of East St. George.

We humbly submit this letter of grave concern and collective appeal in response to the relentless attack of black sand mining operations at Brighton Beach. The catastrophic and extreme danger posed by sand mining at Brighton Beach should not be ignored, and in fact, should be addressed correctly and decisively to further avoid economic loss, stop the epidemic of health related diseases, negative impact on climate change, storms and sea level rise and mass destruction of the environment.

In particular, we strongly urge your honourable office to order the immediate halt and urgent cancellation of all black sand mining operations at Brighton to save the people and the environment and keep them from harm’s way.

The non-stop sand mining at Brighton Beach as sanctioned by your administration is scoring a day-to-day giant kill on the nearby protected bird sanctuary of Milligan Cay and the natural environment, and if not stopped, the situation will become totally uncontrollable, and the damage more far-reaching than ever. The sand dunes that once protected the area from erosion have been totally wiped out and leave the residents of the coastal area of Brighton Beach vulnerable to tidal surge and tsunami.

For many years, we the residents of your constituency have called the attention of your administration to stop this plunder and destruction. However, our call for help is constantly being ignored and our collective appeal continues to fall on deaf ears.

Honourable Sir, the effects of black sand mining operations at Brighton are life threatening and extremely annihilating. The residents have been complaining about the huge reduction in Fish Catch, Fat Pork, Sea Grapes, Turtle Nesting, Crabs and other marine life. Additionally, the severe sea blast caused by the removal of the sand dunes that once served as a protective barrier for the homes in the immediate vicinity have created a burden of constant repairs to the homeowners.

We, the residents of Brighton, Enhams, Mc Carty, Revere, Prospect, Junction, Belvedere and the surrounding villages once bask in the sun and enjoyed sea bathing at this sprawling, dramatic black sand beach. Today, this has been made impossible by the day-to-day destruction caused by sand mining. We are collectively appealing to you as our representative to do everything in your power to rescue the people of your constituency from further destruction by implementing the necessary measures to stop sand mining at Brighton Beach.

Jerol Huggins Jackson & Andrew Simmons

On behalf of the people of East St.George


  1. In in support of writer and villages, please minister take action now ,for the well been of your constituency climate change is close to your heart this is one do what you have to do for this and the next generation.

  2. What independent evidence is there that:

    1. Jackson and Simmons have any authority to speak on behalf of the people of St George. I thought that Camillo was the duly elected representative of the constituency which means he has the legal authority these two men undemocratically wish to claim for themselves.

    2. The environmental effects that are mentioned have actually actually occurred or are as serious as they suggest.

    3. This is not just an NDP grandstanding effort.

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