Why Would NDP Want To Put Its Agents In Peril

Former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell

Concerning the election petitions brought about by the Opposition party here in St Vincent and due to be heard in St Lucia on March 7th, former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell said in his book “ elections are won on election night”.

“ I have been an international observer for elections, I did it in Nicaragua, Hungry and Lesotho, in the election in Central Leeward,  I understand the votes were counted in the various polling stations, and the NDP agent signed on to those figures”.

“ The second day there was a final count and the duly authorised candidates and agents signed on to the final count “.

Mitchell said to upset an election in the court you require evidence to the extent that such evidence would have affected the result.

“ Of utmost importance,  the privacy of the ballot has to remain intact,  otherwise the democratic processes collapse,  and who in St Vincent as an agent will go before the court facing a battery of lawyers,  swear by almighty God,  and then give evidence of election fraud knowing that if you don’t come right is jail for you”.

Mitchell asked;   “ why should a party want to put its agents in that peril when they had already signed on to the results?

“ I don’t know what the courts will say,  but one thing I know they can’t say is that ULP lost the seat, and when you are finished with an election, in my book you have to concede defeat,  the only time in sport a man does not concede defeat is boxing,  because he is down on the ground and can’t move”.

Mitchell said like any other matter, the Leader must always take responsibility for the defeat.

The New Democratic Party will host a Press Conference at the party  Headquarters Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 commencing at 10:30 am.

According to the party release the Honourable Dr Godwin Friday, President and Leader of the New Democratic will address the public,  and discuss the petition appeal scheduled for March 7th, 2017.

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