St Vincent: It’s Official: Argyle Airport Opens On February 14th 2017

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves speaking on Star FM this morning said that February 14th, 2017 is the Official opening date for the Argyle International Airport.

Gonsalves in making the announcement said that it is a day that all citizens are looking forward to.

The Prime Minister said that he would be calling a number of other radio stations throughout the day to give them the good news.

“I know social media was hinting at it, and on Wednesday 28th December I had a meeting with all relevant stakeholders to make sure February 14th is a go”.

“A journalist called me early this morning and wanted confirmation”, Gonsalves said.

The Prime Minister noted that he was going to make the announcement in the New Year, but after the social media buzz, he thought it was fitting to go ahead.

Gonsalves said Glen Beache is the point man dealing with charters coming in on February 14th, however,  he is hoping that Vincentians overseas could help themselves along with business owners to organize charters.

“We are open for business”, Gonsalves Stated.

Listen to Gonsalves make the announcement.


  1. I always knew the Gunsalves administration was a progressive one and the party that will transform St Vincent into a great prosperous country for all it citizens, respect to the ULP.

      • I applaude the efforts of our Prime Minister, after all, he seems to have to do everything himself. I would love to be able to take a flight from my location in Europe with my friends and land directly in St.Vincent, now I still must search cheapest connecting flights. How also about such an occasion being lauded with the first landing of maybe BA, Virgin, Condor, AA, or some other international airline to make the publicity reach more ears and eyes? We need strategic marketing and we have people there who simply do not care about that! Another thing, we do know that in my location here in Europe, no one knows about SVG, a region where over 80 million tourist travels out each year…we only get few hundred a year via yachts in Bequia or AIDA once a month stop at the wharf. SVG, strong potential -weak marketing & negotiations!!

  2. How will individual living in Europe, Canada and the US benefit from it? Lord knows we are tired of having to stay in Barbados and other Caribbean countries

    • I’m from Dominica, And we are yet to have our Internatinal built, due all the polical bull crap..
      You Vincentions should be happy for yours. Never mind when the international flights are or will come. Its just a matter of time before your airport will be flooded with flights they so desire.
      We have to thank your Prime Minister. He didnt think we needed one..

      • Hi
        I have Travelled to your country a good few years ago. At that time I commented how advanced
        I thought it was in comparison to St Vincent .
        At that time the roads were very good and the bridges and communication was also ahead. My point is all it needs is the will of the people and the commitment of a leader and government for this to happen.
        Yes it was fortunate to have the help of Cuba and Venezuela and Europe. All that is certain is the longer the project is left the more expensive it will be so be positive. Final word well done Mr Prime minister.
        God bless you for saving us from the hell of interconnecting airports.

  3. International airports require international flights to be viable. When will airlines start accepting direct flights from the USA? Which airlines? What airports? Will visitors be able to travel from New York, Florida , Washington DC?

  4. Individuals from Europe, Canada and the USA can benefit in different ways. For example, he or she would now have direct access to SVG. Individuals can now invest in SVG in many ways; be it small or large businesses, trade in agricultural produce, IT technologies, tourism, resorts, restaurants, housing, and a lot more. The gate will now be open wider to all throughout the world.

  5. Glad the caption is not Argyle “International ” Airport. We have no hope of international flights for a long time……..

  6. Historic moment indeed Mr. Gonsalves! Congratulations! All countries should have a modern international airport. The potential economic spinoff from this mega project should be tremendous. I am a Jamaican by birth but being married to a beautiful “Vincy” women has offered me front row seat view of how frustrating it can be traveling to St. Vincent. History will be very kind to Mr. Gonsalves,visionaries are oftentimes misunderstood and a good man is seldom honored in his own country! Viva St. Vincent and the Grenadines!

  7. The time has come and now is that the opening date of the Argyle International Airport has been announced. I heard it from the Prime Minister’s mouth that the official opening date for the AIA is February 14, 2017. Despite this announcement there are still critics voicing their opinions. Seemingly they are a little too shocked because they never thought that this will actually materialize. Well done Mr. Prime Minister. We had had too many promises in the past. Thank God that you came on stream and fulfilled that promise. You are a great visionary. May God continue to bless all of your efforts to place St. Vincent and the Grenadines on the International scene in a bigger way. I hope prospective Prime Ministers will emulate you and do as much good or even more and better things for the Country making the lives of the people happier. God Bless You Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.

  8. Can anyone point to any international airport being a viable and sustainable entity without direct flights? Correct me for not being astute, but fiscally, an airport is a cost driver; it is the sustainable industries[and resulting revenues] developed as a result of access to international markets[to and from]that would be the offsets to the aforementioned cost.

    As mentioned by Ms.Bacchus, the prolonged absence of direct flights to and from metropolitan markets, will naturally be a burden on the taxpayers…Do I digress to ask: What is brand SVG? What makes it a more desired destination? It is my belief that an approach or model that ignores the lack of a hospitality cultural, a great healthcare system, town planning and infrastructure etc., dooms a vibrant tourist industry.

  9. Without commercial airlines purchasing routes to Argyle Airport and an influx of tourists and others coming in this airport will only be a drain on the tax payers. The FAA has not approved this airport until then NO commercial flights will be able to land. Charters will not be able to fly in either only private jets however that too is questionable. Not really a viable option. Seems like poor planning and a waste of $729 ml that could have gone to improve education system, train people properly in the service industry, improve infrastructure and promote tourism that would bring money into this beautiful country not pull money out.

    • I’ve been waiting for a long time for this airport to open but what’s the point, if there won’t be any international flights. This is hopeless, I think Ralph is under a lot of pressure to make this work.

  10. I am not from St. Vincent but if the people of St. Vincent can’t see the potential economic impact from this then they are blinded by political affiliation. You can’t invite international flights until you have the required infrastructure. For example: the UK strengthen its runway and build aircraft bridges 2 years before the first commercial A380 landed on the airport. This is an investment in the future and a very good one.
    Fruits & veg will get from the farmers to markets in the UK in under 24hrs compared to the present 48hr via BGI or SLU. Those few hours make a considerable difference in price.

  11. My parents are Vincentian and never believed the international airport would happen. I myself who travels to St.Vincent regularly knows the frustration of travelling via Barbados with ridiculous lengthy connection times and LIAT delays. However I’m excited about the opening BUT what concerns me by reading the previous comments is that there is no mention of what international airlines will be flying into the airport. My family are expecting to fly direct from the UK so I hope the Prime Minister can manage expectations with a strategic plan to deliver what an international airport should.

  12. Look we need to market the destination and this should have been done long time, we investors to invest in hotels and not just nay hotels, we need hotels that have a known brand like Beaches and Sandals Resort, Holiday Inn. Ritz Carlton, if we do not have proper hotels and we are not marketing the destination properly how are we going to increase the landing. This hotels should have been under construction while the airport was building so that we can have at least two new hotels opening the same time with the Airport.

  13. I would like clarification, with the opening of AIA, would I now be able to book a direct flight from the UK to St. Vincent? If not, how would this benefit me? As I would still have to select either Grenada, St. Lucia or Barbados for my connecting flight. If I have misunderstood, can someone please enlighten me. I think that St. Vincent needs to address the development of its tourism industry – starting with hotels & hospitality; transport links; signage; good quality customer services and everything that goes with the success of tourism (take a look at other neighbouring islands i.e. Grenada, St. Lucia etc.) With all of these things in place, I believe the people of St. Vincent would be proud to be put on the map and rated in a more positive light.

  14. I think it is great, but I agree with of the others that hotels and attractions should have been built at the same time if it is to get international travelers. I think they will come in time. But along with being easy to get to, I see the down side. The beauty of this quiet island nation will be forever commercialized & will lose much of it’s charm. If the trade off is beneficial then I applaud this modernization.

  15. I travelled home two years ago with my kids for the first time in years. It was horrible. After leaving the USA early in the morning we had to wait until midnight to leave for SVG. Completely ridiculous after arriving in TnT after 1pm. Best thing for SVG. Thanks to our Prime Minister for making it happen even though there are no direct flights yet but it will happen.

  16. Is the airport FAA certified? Has any American based or European Based airlines agreed on any contracts purchasing routes? How many Vincentians are disappointed? How much strain will there be on Vinci tax payers? If the airport is not making a profit who fits the bill? bloviation to the limit! What is the points? What are the facts? Give me facts now hear-say or someone’s opinion. Give me facts about the airport. AIA

  17. Congratulations MR Prime Minister.Your VISION AND Determination Has Paid Off. The Bible said where there is no vision the people PERISH.

  18. This is a “GREAT DAY” for “ALL” Vincentians at home and abroad. Congratulations Mr. Gonsalves and all who toiled to get this done! I have read all of the above comments and I agree with them all. I am a proud Vinci and welcome the day that I can book a flight online to fly to home. NOT a CHARTER! At the end of the day FACTS are FACTS. International Flights makes an International Airport. If in 2018 we still have to travel to SVG via Barbados or TNT it will be a major dissapointment.

  19. Hallelujah! Thank you Daddy Jesus! Thank you Almighty God! Thank you Doctor Ralph Gonsalves for putting St. Vincent on the world map. I am so proud of my country. This is not an ULP thing or a NDP thing. It is for all Vincentians to benefit from. But the NDP supporters cannot see it that way. I don’t get it. That is so ignorant. Everyone should be proud and happy that finally, we got our own international airport. Once again, thank you Mr. Prime Minister of St. Vincent. Big up yourself. One love. Peace out.

  20. Hello, fellow Vincentians. My parents are from St. Vincent. And oh my gosh, my mom is obsessed with the fact that St. Vincent got an international airport and I am happy for everyone. She would tell me how you had to fly to Barbados in order to get there. I am hoping to go to St. Vincent one day for the first time. So, this is good news. So once again, congratulations to Vincentians everywhere.

  21. Hi. Happy airport is finally opened and looks great and my parents are very proud as they were both born in St Vincent but now living in the UKI, so would be nice for them to be able to travel directly from the UK. Can anyone tell me weather or not Virgin and British airways have signed up yet? Would be great if they did.

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