Search Continues For Missing Vessel With 6 Onboard

One if the individuals on board photo SVGTV

A Dark blue/ purple Speed boat that went missing on Sunday afternoon with six persons on board is still being sought after.

The Coast Guard resumed search and rescue operations this morning at 5 am for the 2 meter, 4 feet wide vessel.

A  Distress call was received at 16:55 on Sunday 4th June 2017, with information that the boat had a hole and was Sinking.

The Last location of the vessel was off PETITE CANOUAN, with the tide drifting South-west, with an Est speed of 5 miles an hour.

The search area includes  70miles of water from last known location going south-west.

Photos of missing persons SVGTV FB Page

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  1. Sadly, one of these ladies are my classmate. I hope they are found alive. My heart and prayers go out to the them and their families.

    I looked at the photos of the Coastguard searching, unfortunately, as a former Coast guard officer, I can say that vessels with such low platforms are ideal for pursuing “go fast” but have some limitations in Search and Rescue (SAR) Operations, especially those involving smaller crafts. They provide a very quick response, however in this case the Radar does not have a good “height of eye”. Additionally, the platform limits the distance from which the Coastguard Officers can observe persons in the water. I was hoping by now the Government would have purchased a large vessel to replace Captain Mulzac. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be a priority with such limited revenue streams and other competing interest.

    I know the dedicated men and women of our Coast Guard would do their best in trying to find these missing persons. I hope the government buy them a better vessel soon. Damen Marine now have the ideal vessel for our Coastguard. This should be a consideration going forward. See link. 4207

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