Sandals’ Gordon ‘ Butch’ Stewart Hold Talks With SVG Government


Happening now at AIA SVG

PM Gonsalves, Minister Saboto Caesar and other Government officials are currently meeting at the AIA with Butch Stewart and other representatives of Sandals International.

News784 contacted various sources in our attempt to inform you about the exact nature of the discussions.However, we were informed that the meeting is in progress and the nation would receive an update very soon.

Sandals Resorts International is world-renowned for its luxurious all-inclusive resorts dotting the Caribbean. The company’s primary hotel brands are Sandals and Beaches, fittingly named given their location along some of the most sought-after stretches of sand in the world.

With more than a dozen properties open or under construction in Jamaica, the Bahamas, St. Lucia, Antigua, and elsewhere, Sandals continues to take its properties to a higher level of service, truly earning the many awards bestowed on its brand of “Ultra All-Inclusive” resorts.

Aircraft belonging to the sandals group at AIA


  1. If Sandals is interested in building a resort in the enchanting Grenadines, it would be understandable; if the company is looking to contruct one on the hardscrabble mainland, that would be incomprehensible.

  2. Mr. Gloom , I knew that sooner or later You would show up to
    add your GLOOM to this Issue . Your persistent disparaging
    of mainland St Vincent is getting to be disgusting , and that is putting it mildly .

    It is always something in mainland St. Vincent that is visited by your Gloom , when it is not the Airport , it is the volcano , never mind Hawaii has Volcanoes . Then it is about black sand , never mind the fact that Hawaii also has black sand . You need to stop your captious comments . I get the impression that You are not in favour of the current Government , that is your Right , since you would like the Government kicked out of Office , perhaps you can seek to represent the area where You live .

    • Ms. James ,
      Mr. Gloom wrote an article regarding our Volcano , I had to remind him that there are Volcanoes in Hawaii , and that has not dissuaded Tourists from going there .

      He is also critical of Black sand Beaches on the mainland ,
      Hawaii also has Beaches with Black sand . I have never heard
      that deterred Tourists from going to Hawaii .

  3. It seems that lots of people would like to see me punished for the “crime” of free speech.

    For the record, I am the last person who could be called a supporter of the inept NDP, a party that set the stage for all the problems we are now facing because of their disastrous 16 plus years in power: failed projects; incompetent administration; reckless borrowing; unsustainable debt; exorbitant taxation; a bloated and lazy bureaucracy; political patronage … the list goes on and on.

    I am not a pessimist; I simply refuse to to go through life wearing rose-coloured glasses like the rest of you.

    If you want to fix something, you first have to admit that it is broken. The way to repair the break is certainly not to shoot the person shouting that there is a break.

  4. Well, you, Ben- David or what ever you call yourself, you philosophically oppose to everything that seems to bring benefits to Vincentians. It puzzles me, that Butch Stewart, in tourism business for 36 years will need your advice, someone who presents himself as having 4 legs & brays. (Its not the D I am referring to its the Jack). You have issues with AIA, Air Canada flying to SVG, etc. The Grenadines, those Islands are part of the tourism product of SVG. How could you be so dunce as not to see that, so glaring. For someone who spent a lot of time throughout Europe (base on what you scribble on Caribbean News Now) You should enjoy our hospitality & be more grateful.

  5. G.G., a man afraid like hell to use he own name, even though he is a big time supporter of the ULP, should know from my writings that I have repeatedly claimed that the tourism industry in the Grenadines has the mainland of SVG standing up.

    As for Mr. Steward, I can’t believe he would want to build one of his resorts at Mt. Wynne/Peter’s Hope. Maybe his company would take over the management of Buccament Bay Resort — but not its huge liabilities — a long shot at best given his Sandals Resorts are far more exclusive than Buccament Bay was even in its early days.

    By the way, I have never claimed to have “spent a lot of time through Europe.”

    • As a born Vincentian living overseas I am excited about the possibility of Sandals investment in SVG. I realised at times some of us may like or dislike certain political groups or parties.
      However, I want to encourage all Vincentians to desire what is best for our country, no matter who is leading the way. Let us support and encourage anything that is good for our country.

  6. Folks, let’s face it, mainland has nothing to attract Sandals. Name one location and this could bring this dialog to an end. Is the Bucamment resort in this deal?

  7. Look people get real, the mainland need resorts, the Grenadines can be improved, but the mainland has more to offer… we need to get this right… the long term objective is to develop all of SVG, but in the short term, the mainland is it.

    • I never wrote a article about the Soufriere volcano! If you can prove that I did, please cite the source below.

    • The mainland certainly does not have the attractions of the Grenadines, an assertion supported by the comments of many travel writers and travel sites, as I have clearly documented in many of my essays.

  8. Mr. Ben-David, I will not dignify your comment indicating that the Mainland do not have anything to Offer as you clearly do not understand tourism or its products that can be offered globally and it certainly appears as if you have a deep bias in you, from my prospective the Mainland has everything that Tourist will be delighted to see, from the beautiful black sand beach, waterfalls, mountains, yes the Volcano and much more….take politics out of it Sir…

  9. This is ridiculous…Mr Gloom ..point taken in your freedom of speech…but before you knock the government or the ppls attempt at progress or possible development…why not embrace and ask not WHY…but how can you ad a vincentian and benefit or help to push a movement like this futher….GOD SAKE ITS 2017 AND nobody seems to wany to embraces changes or growth

  10. This is ridiculous…Mr Gloom ..point taken in your freedom of speech…but before you knock the government or the ppls attempt at progress or possible development…why not embrace and ask not WHY…but how can you as a vincentian and benefit or help to push a movement like this futher….GOD SAKE ITS 2017 AND nobody seems to want to embraces changes or growth

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