Police To Enforce All Traffic Laws In 2017


Police here in St Vincent will be enforcing all laws as it pertains to traffic in 2017.

A representative of  RSVGPF Traffic Branch while speaking on national radio (NBC), expressed concern about the wearing of seatbelts among motorists here on the island.

The Traffic Department said in 2017, plans will be implemented to enforce traffic laws – for persons who do not comply with traffic regulations as stipulated by the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.

Station Sargent Junior Nero, Representative of the Traffic Branch while speaking on (NBC) said: “ seat belt laws are an important part of encouraging drivers and passengers to buckle up before heading out on the road”.

The Traffic Branch representative said all motorists needs to comply with the laws that govern the wearing of seatbelts.

An individual can be charged up to  $5,000 EC Dollars for a first offence.

An increase in vehicles on the island has posed significant challenges for the traffic Branch.

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  1. Enforcing Traffic Laws? Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ha! This statement makes me Laugh! Driving in SVG is part of a hideous Death Race!

    Many drivers in SVG have no Vehicle Insurance. Others have bought their Driving Permit, thus cannot drive properly and most have no idea as to what the “High Way Code” is.

    I have observed on many occasions drivers in Government owned Vehicles ignoring basic Traffic Rules, thus endangering other road users.

    The worst Road Traffic offenders of the SVG Road Traffic Laws are those most ignorant Van Drivers who could often be observed overtaking other Vehicles on Pedestrian Crossings, blind bends and dangerous corners.

    In short Road users in SVG is a most dangerous affair! Lets hope that the Police in the Traffic Department gets their act together in 2017.

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