New Airlines, More Direct Flights, and Local Pilots Initiatives For Argyle International Airport

The Argyle International Airport is on the forward march, this according to Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves at a Press Conference held earlier this morning.

Gonsalves said some discussions are ongoing between airlines and the Tourism Authority concerning service to St Vincent.

PM Gonsalves also noted that other initiatives involving local pilots are being discussed,  which his Government would support.

Listen to PM Gonsalves Below


  1. As usual , C.ben -David relishes his role as the
    Architect of Negativism . As far as he is concerned
    Everything the current Government does is a disaster.

    The solution is very easy , at the next Elections
    C.ben-David & others steeped in Negativism will
    have an opportunity to unseat the current Governments .


    • Tell me something that the past government did that wasn’t a disaster you people are so ungrateful and stupid all you NDP people

    • No one can move the Comrade at the next election. He and his party will be rewarded for completing AIA regardless of its viability or not. “If you build it, they will come,” means if you building an airport or any other large project, voters will come to the polls to put you back into office.

  2. I remember when Virgin Atlantic added more flights to Barbados duty Ben David embraced it, he thought that was the nail in AIA coffin. Everytime AIA suface in the news Mr no body a
    David have the most negative thing to say. Just accept that you are very jealous of what SVG had achive under the ULP,you will not be the only one to ride BIG PLANE doors are now open for every Vincentians whome you deemed as hopeless.

    • ACE ,

      The fact is that Everyone is entitled to their opinion , my
      perspective is that C.ben-David is the High Priest of Negativism , and WE have ample proof that he relishes being the High Priest of Negativism .

      He and others of his Ilk are surprised that the AIA is not becoming a White Elephant as he & Peter Binose expected . Those of us who live in the Diaspora are fully aware of the
      travails & hardships WE have suffered in Barbados .

      I can factually cite the treatment those of us who had to be in transit in Barbados had to undergo in order to return to SVG . I seriously doubt that C. ben-David & Peter Binose experienced what I & others have experienced when in transit in Barbados .

      Yet they both prefer peddling Nonsense . I guess both of them were very happy to see Barbados including the Grenadines in its Tourist Ads. when the Truth is that the Grenadines are nowhere near the Grenadines .

      I have heard nary a word from C.ben-David & Peter Binose being critical of the person or persons who desecrated the Toilets in at the AIA . I also do not recall Members of the
      Opposition stating that this should not be done .

      I do not recall any Members of the Opposition , being critical of the woman who publicly stated that she wished that a Tsunami could wash away the AIA . I also do not recall Members of the Opposition Party being critical about the man who wished that a Plane could Crash .

      Obviously these are not sane people , I do not recall reading in the SVG Media , persons being critical of persons
      who made such insane statements . Those who are silent about these utterances are just as guilty as those who made those
      statements .

      • Why do you keep referring to Peter Binose? Don’t you know he died? If you don’t believe me, ask Peter himself: he actually posted his death announcement on the Internet!

  3. Seems like all they do is have talks!! No need for another press conference telling us you are in talks with airlines! Once a deal is make and ink is on paper then have a press conference!! I’m tired of all the talk! These talks been happening since 2010! Call me negative but it’s the truth!

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