More Blood Donors Needed In St Vincent

There is a need for more blood donors to contribute to the Local Blood Bank. The call has come from Medical Technologist, at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital Karmala Questelles.

Speaking at an event to mark World Blood Donor on June 14th, 2017, the Medical Technologist said on an annual basis; the local Blood Bank collects between 11 and 12 hundred Units of blood.

However, it receives more than seven thousand requests for blood.

Questelles said the aim of her Department is to expand the Blood Bank, as it strives for 100 voluntary blood donations, which is the safest and effective way to give blood.

The Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment will be carrying out a sensitization campaign throughout the Country during the coming weeks.

The campaign would seek to educate persons on the importance of Blood Donation.

World Blood Donor Day is was held under the theme “Don’t wait until disaster strikes – Give Blood – Give now – Give often”.

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