Miss OSCO Pageant Set For Friday June 2nd

Keisha Laborde

The Owia Sports and Cultural Organization (OSCO) will this weekend host carnival activities in Owia under the theme “Hold Your Own for Owia Carnival 2k17”.

The weekend of activities will kick off on Friday night June 2nd with the staging of the Miss OSCO Pageant 2017 featuring 5 contestants. The pageant this year according to the organisers is a unique one as the ladies competing for the crown are not the typical pageant contestants. They all are different in size, shape and age group representing words of empowerment/encouragement to women in the Vincentian society.

The 5 contestants are:

Pasty Warren-Miss Humanity

Ivoleen Williams-Miss Limitless

Shaniel Victory-Miss Powerful

Keisha Laborde-Miss Glamorous

Kimora Sutherland-Miss Amity

After Friday’s pageant which will be held at the Owia School grounds from 9 pm, there will be a jouvert on the streets of Owia on Saturday morning June 3rd. The carnival action in Owia will continue on Sunday evening June 4th with a Mardi Gras-style street Jump up and after party in the form of a wete fete.

This is the 4th year OSCO has been hosting successful carnival activities in Owia endorsed by the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC). This year’s major sponsors are the  St.Vincent Brewery Limited and Flow.

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