Leacock weighs in on the issue of accountability

MP Leacock Photo Facebook

MP for the Central Kingstown constituency Hon St Clair Leacock has added his voice to the debate on accountability of public funds.

Leacock,  speaking on the New Democratic Party radio program last week,  said there is so much that needs to be corrected and improve to strength the nation’s democracy and give efficacy to political discussions.

Leacock’s Political Leader Dr Godwin Friday leader of the Opposition had written to Prime Minister Gonsalves on the accounts of the IADC (Intranational Airport Development Company) about the public having the right to know how funds were disbursed and used in constructing Argyle International Airport.

The Central Kingstown MP said; “ for example, it is relatively standard on the order paper that the government may come and lay in the house the financial reports of cooperation, but that is just where it begins and end, there is no debate”.

Leacock further stated that; “there are many changes which are necessary and the house rules, the majority of them need to be examining.

The Opposition Leader said PM Gonsalves in responding to his statement on the accounts for the IADC, held on strictly to legalistic grounds that law does not require him as Minister of Finance,  and therefore do not intend to lay before Parliament and the people, through the Director of Audit, audited financial statements of government-owned or controlled corporations that are not statutory corporations, even though they have received and used taxpayers money provided by Parliament.

Gonsalves in responding noted that, references being made by the Opposition about sections of the constitution surrounding the Finance administration act and the Audit Act on this particular issue does not give any weight on accountability of the IADC.