Justice Cottle A Man Of Integrity Says Gonsalves

Prime minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves speaking on the recent ruling from the Court of Appeal to grant the New Democratic Party the right to have their petitions heard in high court, said that Justice Cottle is a person of great integrity.

Gonsalves speaking on X104FM  Wednesday morning said that the Court of Appeal did what he would call a “ Limbo Dance “.

“ Bent backwards over,  an appearance of bias, not that there is bias”.

Gonsalves said the issues have not been addressed, I understand one of our lawyers Q.C  Anthony Astaphan asked that the court hears the merits of the argument, however, he understands lawyers representing the NDP did not want to hear such arguments.

“ But they will face the merits of the arguments when they go before another judge”.

“ What is before the new Judge would be their  petition and the application to strike out or motion to strike as it was not filed properly in the court because remember,  the arguments was not discussed at the court of appeal only the issue of an apparent bias.”

Gonsalves said the statement made by Justice Cottle is one that is made all the time by Judges to guide you.

“ here Nah man, you know, bring this thing quickly to an end nah, ah mean I offered this opinion because you may decide not to come and waste time, that’s basically what Justice Cottle was telling them, let them go ahead and waste time”.

Gonsalves said the awarding of cost is normal, sighting that if you appeal and the matter is reverted to the original situation, that there are a petition and a matter to strike out,  it’s open to the court to award cost.