Gonsalves to host executives from Carnival,Disney and Royal Caribbean On Wednesday

Prime Minister, the Hon. Dr.Ralph Gonsalves will host executives and other officials from International cruise lines on mainland St. Vincent on Wednesday, May 31st at the Argyle International Airport.

Matters related to the cruise industry in St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be discussed.

The Officials, Leon Sutcliffe of Carnival Cruise Line- Director of Commercial Ports and Government Relations; Federico Gonzalez-Denton of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and Associate Vice President Government Relations Latin America and the Caribbean; Russell Daya of  Disney Cruise Lines and  Michelle Paige- President Florida Caribbean Cruise Association will arrive at the Argyle International Airport on Wednesday morning.

The visiting cruise officials will be met by Prime Minister Gonsalves, Minister of Tourism, the Hon. Cecil Mckie and other Senior Government and Cruise Officials at the AIA.

Following discussions there will be a media brief at the VIP Lounge at the AIA at 11:00 am on Wednesday.


  1. C.ben-David do you have any suggestions for a turn around? Or are you simply more inclined to finding problems and not solutions? I pray my children could see a St. Vincent and the Grenadines where there is unity and people genuinely want to see the Country prosper, where politics doesn’t take the lead on everything and where negativity does not prevail! I will remain hopeful but I honestly don’t expect such a turn around in my own lifetime!

  2. For someone who suffers from “a know it all” attitude or one who profess to have the knowledge and wisdom of King Solomon you should be taking the reigns of government as a one-man “I alone can fix it” attitude and start to rebuild SVG from colonial days. An old proverb says that “dogs who bark the loudest seldom bite” Put aside the education and degrees (who knows how you got them) and start to build SVG. Don’t try to sink her with your wisdom or is it “venom” every chance you get. Grow up and be a man, you are an unbearable child.

    • Are there not people who live overseas and unemployed, who suffer the same fate that you speak about (natives and immigrants) alike. You, with all your wealth of knowledge cannot build from “nothing”, so why be a regular critic of those who dare to try. Stop being such a hater, it shows so vividly. After all you must not only be the “wolf”, sometimes you must show your “humanity” and be the “sheep” because after all constructive criticism is “accepted” overall. If hate could pour out of veins you will be “bloody” at all times.

  3. The proof is in the pudding! I believe he’s looking at the facts so he may be on to something. I checked the taxi folks involved and they will agree with his finding. I’d like someone to tear him apart by showing his reasoning’s and facts are bogus. I wonder if they would be taken on a tour of Kingstown after the meeting.

  4. St Vincent has a lot of untapped potential it just needs people with foresight,creativity and the ability to get the necessary investments to be on the way. St Lucia, a small island like us, can strive on tourism but they have essentially studied what the tourist liked and capitalised on it.We already have the beauty but its not being utilised.agriculture though not on a large scale as before needs diversifying capitalise on what the country has.

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