EC$95 Million dollars Road Repair Project For SVG

The government is moving ahead with plans to have Secondary and Feeder roads in St Vincent repaired as soon as possible.

This would be done through loans amounting to E.C 95 million dollars shared between the Kuwait Fund For Arab Economic Development and OFID.

The roads to be constructed under the Kuwait Fund includes;

Antoine Mountain roads, Palmyra, Montreal Gardens Road, Old Sandy Bay village road, Mount Wayne Beach Road, Mesopotamia road including Greggs, Belair main road, Brighton Salt Pound Road, Enhams Fair Hall Road, Sayers Village Road, Calder main road, Carriere mountain road,  and Colonarie Estate.

Roads are also being done currently under the BNTF Program and also through the BAM, the Banana Accompanying Measures through the European Union.

Meanwhile, the government has put in an application for resources to move all facilities from the Argyle Airport which would be necessary for the construction these roads; they include the concrete batching plant, stone crusher and the asphalt plant.

Money has also been borrowed from a UK agency for the restoration of equipment to be involved with construction, the money for such was approved in the budget of 2017.


  1. Great News! will also be amazing if the roads in Richland Park can be widen as well, cause lots of ares 2 cars cannot be pass.

  2. Agree, ‘a drop in the bucket,’ like a flood that is made up of many drops of rain so will the roads be fixed with drops from the bucket

  3. Is this amount to be awarded to Senator Julian Francis, his family and Hutchinson Construction through unfairly awarded contracts? Let’s see some transparency in the award of these contracts so all Vincentians can benefit despite a persons political persuasion.

    No corruption! I hope the opposition ensure the books are properly audited and contracts are awarded through a proper tendering process.

  4. Why is there no mention of the roads in Bequia? The main road leading to Paget Farm is in dire need of repair, the situation there is in fact life threateningly dangerous. It’s only a matter of time before the road collapses, God forbids that it happens with a van filled with school children. To the government of SVG, I’m begging you to do something about it before we end up in mourning.

  5. I hope with the grace of God they are going to be honest this time and use the money to repair the roads.Not awarding themselves big salaries and line their pockets.They are talking about Tourism the need to go to other countries to see how it’s done and put our beautiful island on the map for the right reasons.

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