Ear Reconstruction And Cataract Surgeries First Of Their Type Performed In SVG

The World Pediatric Association continues to make their presence felt on the island of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

According to the WPP,  It has been a busy week for their eye and plastics team in St. Vincent.  Between the two specialities, the teams have evaluated 118 children and performed 20 surgeries.

Among the surgeries that took place were ear reconstruction surgery and cataract surgery.

WPP noted that the cataract surgeries were the first of their type completed in St. Vincent,  and was made possible by a new Operating Room at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

The medical volunteers were not the only ones that travelled this week, Some families travel hundreds of miles for care from WPP teams.

A mother of a patient from Suriname came to meet her daughter after surgery was finished.

The WPP has dispersed 12 teams to the Caribbean and Central America in the month of March to reach more than 670 children.

4 to St. Vincent, 4 to Belize, 2 to St. Lucia, 1 to Barbados, 1 to the Dominican Republic.

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