Criminal Elements Using Facebook To Send Threats To SVG Police Officers

A member of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force has used his Facebook page to alert the public about the use of the Social media platform by criminal elements, to threaten Police Officers.

Jules Morgan in his post on June 14th, 2017, said he is noticing that criminal elements have been using Facebook as a platform to make threats to kill some police officers in recent times, and it has been going unchecked.

Morgan noted that a police officer was killed last month and one of the suspects have always stated he has to kill a police.

“ I spoke to him about those remarks, and now I see he has been charged for allegedly carrying out his promise”.

“Friday night I was in Sharpes and heard a neighbour of mine who came out of prison for murder in January saying he is glad the police was killed, and more of us has to go soon, and what is more unnerving the alleged killer is his friend and would soon be released from prison”.

Morgan said on Monday morning; the said individual passed him and this time could be heard making some anti-police remarks.

Screenshot posted by the Jules Morgan

The comments were; “he ain’t giving police no chance when he ” buss his gun”.

Morgan apparently shaking up by what is taking place had this to say;

“Many youngsters seem to think that them alone can be ” bad man ” but they better realise that some of us are ” madmen ” and this occupation is only such”.

“I am not giving no one any chance to run up on me unless it is an ambush. I have one life, and I’m gonna safeguard it to the best of my ability”.

Morgan noted that on Tuesday he noticed a  lot of anti-police posts with threats to kill, arising from an incident in Paul’s Avenue.

“ I am asking my police brothers to be vigilant out there and bond together to deal with such threats seriously”.

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  1. Respect is due to our Men and Women in uninform.They should not,They would not or they do not protect one party. They are their for all vincentian. WE NEED THEM!!!!! Please leave them alone. One bad onion don’t spoil the whole bag.

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