CAL Begins JFK To AIA Service In June

Trinidad Base Caribbean Airlines will begin a twice weekly service to SVG, starting in June of 2017.

The airline will use its Boeing 737-800 aircraft on the route with one stopover in Trinidad.

All reservations can be made at CAL website.


  1. These flights require a plane and luggage change in Port-of-Spain going and coming

    Regularly scheduled nonstop flights from NYC and other distant locales are a dream that will never come true because there will never be enough tourist traffic to support them.

  2. The lowest cost of round-trip CAL flights, June 9-June 18, with transfers in Trinidad is $US 631.56.

    The cost of round-trip nonstop JetBlue flights on the same dates to nearby Barbados is $US 376.76, or 40 percent less.

    We are going one step forward and two steps back with this Argyle airport boondoggle.

  3. I can see that you do not have love for country, how much would it cost you from Barbados to st Vincent.

    • What does “love for country” have anything to do with speaking the truth about the country you love?

      Why didn’t the Gonsalves regime allow CAL to fly here from Barbados which might have encouraged the airline to begin direct flights to Barbados from NYC? The reason was he didn’t want his LIAT to get competition from CAL. At the end the day, we, the citizens and flying public, are suffering as a result because this would have lowered our flying costs significantly.

      Ask Ralph et al, not me, why they love their ULP more than they love their SVG.

      • ben stop hating on your own country, the airport just open , it took grenada and st kitts two years before they got international flights.
        you must check the airlines that flys into grenada and tell me if all of them are direct flights and which country are there first stop

  4. Is there some competition for biggest asshole or dumbest comments on these news feeds? Cause if so, I believe I know who are the top 5 contenders and I sure know who I’ll be voting for

    • Ben don’t talk what you do not know.air Canada for instance will service AIA from YYZ in December. Why are you that negative? Never say never because things are happening Fast for Argyle. ..u will be put to shame soon

  5. Once again Mr.GlOOM , aka C.Ben-David is spreading Gloom regarding the Flights from JFK . It is quite possible that
    the reason for transferring in Barbados may have something to do with Fuel Consumption by the Aircraft . Also as has been mentioned the newness of this Service .

    Mr. GLOOM , however fails to acknowledge that there will be 2 Weekly direct Flights from Miami to the AIA by Caribbean Airlines .

    C.ben-David knows this , but he bluntly refuses to state this because it does not fit into his Gloomy Propaganda . I am surprised that his Twin brother Mr. Doom , aka Peter Binose has not yet bombarded us with his usual Propaganda .

  6. Ben once a jackass always a jackass. Why the hell you are so negative.You should be happy for the progress that is taking place. Do you have anything good to say ? If not just shut to hell up and let progress take place. You are a ignorant fool.

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