Amerijet to begin its 767 services to SVG in June


Amerijet International, an American cargo airline, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; the United States and which provides services to this island in the lifting of produce and other cargo,  would use its 767 aircraft on the route from June of 2017.

Prime Minister Gonsalves said that he was informed of the recent landing of the plane at AIA, which was in effectively a test flight.

Gonsalves at his press conference noted the importance of such service to the country.

“ The 767 has a capacity of 110 thousand pounds of cargo as against 55000 with its current service of the 727 jets”.

Gonsalves told the media that when the 727 were landing at E.T Joshua, the wind and the configuration of the airport posed some problems for the lifting of cargo.

“ That 727 could have only taken off with a maximum of 3-4 pallets, but with the AIA their capacity increase immediately to 11, so already you see the difference between agriculture and other services” Gonsalves stated.


  1. Commendable. The airport would become profitable within five (5) years. We are living in a technological age so it would not take long for the people of the world to know that SVG, which was once illusive due to limited accessibility by air is now a stone throw away. We would soon see some private jets and helicopter services to the Grenadines. More tourist, mega yachts and much more. The easiest way to market this airport is through social media. Let’s capitalize on this.

    Finally, I hope that SVG make a bid to hold the Rolex or the Louis Vuitton Saling cup within the next two (2) years. Could you imagine the Louis Vuitton or Rolex cup starting in Bequia or Canouan? Sorry, I am not going to give no more ideas. I know I have already proven the na Sayers wrong.

  2. I see a lot of people holding the belief that the airport is and will be the draw for visitors. The Grenadines is the biggest attraction for SVG and those folks don’t presently use airline to get there. Some actually come via St. Lucia and Grenada using direct flights to those islands. The AMERIJET news is good. Now it’s time to improve the farming and fishing industries.

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