1547 HIV Cases Recorded In SVG As Of May 2017

14 new cases of HIV/AIDS has been registered here in St Vincent and the Grenadines as of May 2017. This information was disseminated by Sister Ferosa Roache, Director of the HIV/AIDS Unit.

According to Roache,32 new cases of HIV/AIDS were recorded for the year 2016. To this date, Roache noted that there is a total of one thousand, five hundred and forty-seven HIV cases in this country.

The population that is most affected are those between the ages of 15 and 49, with males being the group most affected.Roache further stated that this age group accounts for 1,284 cases or 83% of all HIV infections in SVG.

We have to provide a creative space to continue to raise awareness of sexually transmitted infections and promote safe sex behaviour,” Sister Roache said.

 “We also are providing avenues for rapid HIV testing with the aim of early diagnosis and linking people to treatment and care,” the Director of the HIV/AIDS Unit added.


  1. 1284 infected is pretty high amount of HIV cases with a population of about 110.000. Hopefully everyone can get tested and receive all the treatment available…

  2. All I would say is wow , I can believe the lower tresshold of the most infected group is age 15.

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