Women with Big Butts Are Smarter & Healthier

A big butt not only looks good to the eye but it also turns out to be a golem of good health.

Based on a recent study by Oxford University, women with larger behinds have lower chances of developing chronic diseases and are found to be smarter and healthier than women with smaller behinds.

The former are also reported to have lower cholesterol levels because they tend to have more fat on the buttocks. That can also be attributed to the fact that such women have hormones that metabolise sugars faster.

Regulated Body Weight

Women with big butts have lower risk of being obese or overweight thanks to the generous production of leptin (a hormone responsible for regulating body weight) by their bodies.

Also if you have a big butt, your body is likely to produce high levels of dinopectina hormone which has an anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory and vascular protective effect to the body.

Lower Risk of Developing Cardiovascular Diseases

Numerous studies conducted recently have also suggested that the dispose tissue of the buttocks traps all the harmful fats thus helping prevent the body from cardiovascular diseases.

Women with larger buttocks are also at a smaller risk of developing diabetes because of the numerous hormones in the body that process sugars faster.

Improved Brain Function

Women with bigger behinds are also reported to be smarter than those with average or smaller butts because of surplus Omega 3 fatty acids, which are responsible for improved brain function.

A recent study conducted by University of California has come to similar conclusion; women with bigger butts, smaller waists and wider hips are likely to enjoy longer life expectancy.

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