The Andrew Miller Story: Part 1

Photo Andrew Miller

From someone who loved the clubs, parties and nice time, rum drinker to an evangelist…..” what ah transformation!!!!!!”

I write today of no other than Andrew Miller.One of St. Vincent & the Grenadines well-respected businessman with great passion, concern and love for people.

One young lady told me in these words “If Andrew Miller can change anybody can change” that says of the lifestyle he had.

A lot of Vincentians may know him as Dave, Miller, “the man with the girls” among other names but I call him Miller out of respect because I have grown to appreciate him and what he does.

Miller has been an example to me and many others. My inspiration and drive come from what he says to me each time we talk.

He is one of my mentors, and I thank him for being in my life, he has stabled me up and caused me to be going in the direction that I am currently heading.

I love his energy. A hard and smart worker. A thinker, a creator and an inspiration.

There’s so much I can talk about this man,  but what I love and I know he would rather me talk about is his passion for ministry.

Although he loves his business which he started over 20 years ago, he speaks about his love and passion for seeing people’s lives transformed.

It may be remiss of me to leave his immediate family. He has such a beautiful family which he loves dearly and his darling wife Niesha Antoine-miller which he is proud to share his life with.

He often tells me. “Yo see that woman dey, I love her too bad.”

Join me in saluting Andrew Miller on his good work and achievements over the years and his contributions to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, especially his personal transformation and what he is doing currently to transform lives.

I love you, sir. And all the best!!!!

Sean Samuel

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