SVG #8 For Caribbean Country Where Women Win Men Hearts With Their Cooking

The Caribbean woman has been for centuries known to win over that hearts of men – not only by their physical beauty & shape but through their delicious cooking. Many readers will agree “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

DaMajority went on a mission to find the Caribbean Islands where Women can win a Man over through their cooking. Our panel of Caribbean men nominated their top 10 islands in the region.

Our panel comprised of a team of male travel bloggers, airline pilots, photographers, male journalists, travel agents, party-goers and American & European readers.

This article was done for fun, and we know that there is no accurate way of determining which island reigns as the destination to the Best Female cooks.

1 Anguilla

2 Grenada

3 Trinidad & Tobago

4 Jamaica

5 Saint Lucia + Dominica

6 Barbados

7 Martinique

8 Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

9 Cayman Islands

10  Curacao + St. Maarten

First Published By DaMajority