Vermont man gets 4 years for gun and ammunition possession

Calbert Andrews a 25 years old labourer from the Vermont community has been sentenced to four years imprisonment on two separate charges of gun and ammunition possession.

The sentence was handed down upon him Monday morning by Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne at the Serious Offences Court when he appeared before her and entered guilty pleas on both charges.

Andrews was reportedly intercepted with one 12 gauge shotgun and two rounds of ammunition at a shop in Vermont when Police acted on a tip-off went there.

The gun was discovered in his waist while the two rounds of ammunitions were found in his back pants pocket.

When asked how he came in possession of the illegal weapon Andrews told the Court that they were fund under a breadfruit tree.

In response, Magistrate Browne cited that most persons who had appeared in the Court previously with gun and ammunition possession are always indicating that they were found under breadfruit or mango trees and stated that if they had seen the cross of Jesus they will never pick it up.