SVG records homicide number 13

The Southern Caribbean nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines have recorded homicide number 13, as of June 16th, 2017.

Information obtained by News784 indicates that the incident which took the form of a drive-by shooting left one dead, and the other now a patient at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

The shooting incident which occurred in the Rose Place (Bottom Town) area, took place sometime around 5 Pm on Friday afternoon.

The names of the victims are Kemel Peters of Green Hill (deceased)  and Shemai Hazel (Hospitalised).

On Sunday 11.06.2017, at approximately 11:20 pm, Police received information that Anthony Danzell, a 50-year-old labourer from Park Hill, was discovered lying motionless outside a shop in Park Hill.

Reports suggest that Danzell received a gunshot wound to the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Danzell’s murder at that time brought the homicide count to 12.

Police continue to investigate the circumstances of the killing.


  1. Wtf is going on in svg so much killing and all the killer get is some vacation time in Gail wtf I speak for my two died cousins the cop and his brother the cozier boys not a day goes bye that I don’t cry for the lost my family and they friends are going true . We need hanging back in svg because the killers get to walk free

  2. Need better policing not corrupt one and the country
    Need community centres to keep the people active. The less corruption reduce the crime rate.
    Ministry of justice need to sort out contingency plans to keep to reduce crime.If they need help I will be free to give a hand. I am train in the aspects working with community to reduce crime.

  3. It needs a new minister of security. Ralph is not doing a good job. It needs someone who can and will concentrate on protecting Vincentians and not himself. Both finance and security are a mess and who is the minister – Ralph? Step back Ralph! You are getting down in age and it’s showing.

  4. Don’t blame Ralph, he is doing a good job, it’s the people they all need to grow-up no matter what you give Vincentians it will never be enough, there is too much greed and jealously, with each other, one small little island and so much killing, we all have to work for what we want, and killing the man down the road will not get me anything, so wake up Vincentians stop killing our brothers and sisters and leave Ralph alone.

  5. Hey, every man must give an account for his own action. If a man chose to commit a crime, tell me how can you blame the police and the politicians. They are not God, they too like that the criminal need a touch from the heavenly father. A nation that turn their back on God Almighty. They are people out there living from day to day destroying persons by means of witchcraft and other devices as a result their action goes on there children and on the young people. Sacrifices are being made every day for one to get wealth as a result the nation was feel the pressure. Therefore let us turn back to the Lord in Jesus name amen.

  6. Our Police Force is too reactive as oppose to proactive. We need innovative police leadership and a well integrated social development plan. Restructuring of the Police should be a priority. Too many Police Officers sit down in the Stations all day doing nothing. You cannot effectively Police a country by sitting in an office. We need more high visibility Policing in our communities, greater emphasis on parthnerships and community engagement. Key to Policing success would be the development of an intelligence led and problem oriented Policing strategy.

    Also we must construct a Coastguard Base in Chateubelier to stem the flow of guns into the country. Increase the penalty for firearm possession from five to ten years. We must also address the social issues such as unemployment, mental health, drug use, alcohol abuse, domestic violence illiteracy and juvenile delinquency.

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