Stubbs Farmer Shot And Killed On Friday Night

Photo Credit Sydney Morgan

St Vincent and the Grenadines recorded its fourth murder for the month, on Friday 12th May at 9.20 pm according to a police report.

Information is that the Stubbs Police station received reports of gunshots going off in the vicinity of the Stubbs playing field.

Upon the arrival of the police, it was found that 53-year-old Augustus Dickson a Farmer of Stubbs was dead.  He was met lying on his porch with 2 gunshot wounds to his head.

He was pronounced dead a few minutes later by the district Doctor. Two individuals are currently in custody and assisting the police with their investigations.


  1. Sadden by this news. RIP my brother Hatta. Hope justice will serve for you.. love and respect.

  2. Does anything good happen in St Vincent. All I seem to read is negative news. I am due there in June but am starting to think was it the right choice. Am a born VincI.

      • Rip brother . I hope they catch the perpetrators because they are cowards. Justice must be serve for the brutal murder of that young easy going man. .th of does not like evil. The evil that man do live after them. I hope the murderers rot in hell.we need JUSTICE so the same thing don’t happen again..i.the people of Stubbs should hit the streets and protest for justice like Americans do

  3. And they say stop hanging, the day they did that is day the murder rate when up, they need to bring back in hanging Period

    • Wicked people who committed this murder. I have one message for you God does not sleep he sees you. And it’s coming back to you or a member of your family some day before you leave this earth. Jealous and envy kills.hatter work hard for what he has. What is in the dark would come to light. We must get justice. If not now later watch my words

      • Hatter must get justice. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. His untimely death would not go undone. These killers is never going to be happy people all they life.anyone who takes the life of another would never be happy .it’s like they took two lives the deceased. And themselves to live with that guilt is like a life sentence to them.RIP hatter

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